Harvested Yesterday, Served Today

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  • High Quality Products are
    Sourced from Farmers Directly

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  • Harvest, Sort & Clean
    For Freshness

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  • Quality Check Hygenic
    Packing & Delivery

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  • You Eat Fresh and
    Healthy Food

  • Every Fresh Saboro dish comes straight from our farmers to your table in record time. For that we work closely with our farmers and procure the freshest and best produce from them.

  • Vegetables harvested in the farms, reach the Saboro warehouse in just 8 hours. Once the vegetables are sorted and cleaned, a thorough quality check is carried out.

  • They are then delivered to the Saboro outlets where you get fresh food on your plate. And the fresher, the better.

    It takes a total span of 15 hours for the vegetables to reach the Saboro outlets post harvesting.

  • We believe that freshness is improved when your food doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles and spend long days in the back of a truck.

    And of course, where incredible freshness is found, the flavor follows.

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